19.3.    Summary of Kalinga’s code of Conduct. 
19.16.   Duryodhana’s Mantravidya (the science of Mantras, magic art) 
19.26.   Revealed Knowledge of Bhimasena
19.29.   Why is Dharmaraja the elder brother ? 
19.32.   Palace of Wax in Varanavata. 
19.48.   Introduction of Hidimba 
19.53.   Wedding of Bhima and Hidimba 
19.62.   Birth of Gatotkacha 
19.78.   Introduction to Bhakasura 
19.91.   Style in which Bhaka was killed 
19.105.  Pandavas journey towards Panchala 
19.107.  Brahmana’s forecast of Draupadi’s Swayamvara
19.108.  Style in which Pandavas travelled 
19.109.  Chitraratha begets colour of Angara (black).
19.125.  Shalya’s Defeat 
19.126.  Jarasandha’s Defeat 
19.128.  Karna’s defeat
19.131.  Arjuna breaks the MatsyaYantra 
19.137.  Shalya is defeated by Bhima 
19.142.  Kunti’s peculiar order
19.144.  Drupada’s Inquiry – Test for Pandavas 
19.151.  Draupadi’s five husband. 
19.152.  Arrival of Vyasa 
19.154.  Introducing the true form of Pandavas and Draupadi 
19.156.  Vyasa graces divine sight to Drupada 
19.157.  Drupada agrees to the Wedding 
19.164.  Gifts of servants and maids along with necklaces made from precious gems
19.166.  Kauravas attack Pancahala City 
19.167.  Death of two sons of Drupada. 
19.169.  Bhima exhibits his Valor once again 
19.171.  Dritarashtra’s dejection and delightment 
19.174.  Vidura’s advice
19.178.  Pandavas return to Hastinapura. 
19.180.  Enjoyment of the citizens 
19.181.  Gandhari’s reaction 
19.183.  Peculiar marital life of Pandavas and Draupadi. 
19.191.  Karna’s Marvellous Victory 
19.196.  Victory of Karna 
19.201.  Birth of Lakshana and Lakshane
19.204.  Swayamvara of Princess of Kalinga 
19.205.  Defeat of Duryodhana and others. Karna’s fleeing 
19.206.  Bhima’s Unparalleled Valor
19.207.  Pandavas arrival to Indraprastha 
19.210.  Coronation by Vyasa
19.211.  Coronation by Sri Krishna 
19.212.  Bhima as Yuvaraja – hier to the throne
19.213.  Pandavas travel to Indraprastha.
19.214.  Citizens of the city follow Pandavas 
19.216.  Duryodhana threatens the people 
19.217.  People’s firm resolution 
19.218.  Dharmaraja’s request
19.219.  Citizens stay back at Hastinapura 
19.220.  Rebuilding of Indraprastha by Vishwakarma 
19.221.  Indraprastha that became like Indrapuri 
19.222.  Duryodhana’s Coronation 
19.223.  Pandavas Grandeour