7.1.  Enthusiasm to jump over Ocean
7.8.  Hanumantha in Lamba(Trikoota) Mountain
7.9.  Lankini's defeat
7.10. Hanumantha pretending to search Sita
7.11  Sighting SitAkruti in Ashoka Garden - Handing over the ring - receiving chudamaNi
7.14. Secret behind Hanumantha’s immitation
7.17. Ruining of Ashoka Garden
7.22. Ravana's minister's sons sent to Yama - third party of the army is killed
7.24. Killing of Akshakumara
7.30. Sending Indrajit - vAyuputra was not defeated by Indrajit
7.35. SriRama’s Messenger in Rama’s enemy’s Assembly
7.45. Lanka was offered for the fire set on tail
7.47. King of Lanka became Languid
7.49. Jeevottama near the feet of Sarvottama
 JagatJanani’s (Mother of the Universe) Choodamani near footsteps of JagatJanaka (father of the universe)
7.50. Supreme Lord embraces Future Brahma