21.1.   Construction of assembly hall by mayA.

21.2.   mayA offers mace to BImasEna.

21.3.   shrI kRushNa returns to dwAraka.

21.4.   shrI kRushNa gets vasudEva to perform yagna in syamaMtapaMcaka.

21.14.  Greatness of the horse created by shrI kRushNa.

21.15.  Arrival of brAhmaNa.

21.16.  arjuna takes vow to protect brAhmaNa’s baby.

21.18.  Arrogance of arjuna.

21.20.  shrI kRushNa’s Warning.

21.22.  Arjuna’s Vow to enter fire.

21.23.  AniruddhA’s true form.

21.26.  arjuna’s failure and surrender to shrI kRushNa.

21.28.  arjuna travels to anantAsana along with shrI kRushNa.

21.29.  Splendor of kRushNa’s journey.

21.30.  kRushNa joins his true form.

21.32.  kRushNa arrives with brahmaNA’s sons.

21.37.  Slaying of daMtavakra and viDhUratha by shrI kRushNa.

21.39.  vijaya’s salvation. 

21.40.  Description of Earth.

21.45.  lOkAlOka Area.

21.46.  Span of brahmAMDalOka. 

21.47.  Surroundings of brahmAMDa.

21.48.  srIhari’s extraordinary greatness.

21.53.  pAMDu’s message to perform rAjasUya yAga.

21.63.  Description of Assembly of guardian deities of directions and Harishchandra in assembly of iMdra.

21.66.  All forms of shrI hari in brahmA’s assembly. matsya form in varuNA’s assembly.

21.68.  kalki in kubErA’s assembly and nRusimha in IshAnya.

21.70.  king pAMDu’s message to perform rAjasUya yAga.

21.72.  Discussion about rAjasUya yAga.

21.73.  Sending Messenger to shrI kRushNa.

21.75.  Request of captured kings.

21.78.  shrI kRushNa proceeds to iMdraprastha.

21.79.  pAMDavAs request to shrI kRushNa.

21.80.  Greatness of rAjasUya yagna.

21.84.  iMdrA’s curse to parAvaha.

21.90.  jarAsaMdhA’s slaying was inevitable.

21.92.  dharmarAja’s doubt to perform yAga.

21.94.  BImasEna’s message.

21.98.  Importance of slaying jarAsaMdha. 

21.101. The one who will kill jarAsaMdha is future brahma. 

21.104. BImasEna decides to kill jarAsaMdha. 

21.107. Confusion of dharmarAja.

21.111. Greatness of kRushNa as explained by bhIma.

21.116. Assurance given by shrI kRushNa.

21.121. shrI kRushNa’s journey with bhIma and arjuna to slay jarAsaMdha.

21.122. kRushNa and others destroys jarAsaMdha’s giriliMga.

21.124. kRushNa, bhIma and arjuna come to jarAsaMdha.

21.126. Talks with jarAsaMdha.

21.128. shrI kRushNa’s message to jarAsaMdha.

21.131. jarAsaMdha’s obsession.

21.136. Reason for kRushNa’s disguise as Brahmin. 

21.140. Destroying arjuna’s pride.

21.145. jarAsaMdha who feared kRushNa.

21.150. Coronation of sahadEva.

21.151. Appalling war of bhIma and jarAsaMdha. 

21.153. jarAsaMdha’s defeat in debate. 

21.154. Maces broke into pieces. 

21.158. bhIma slays jarAsaMdha. 

21.163. Special grace of kRushNa for killing jarAsaMdha. 

21.166. Protection of SahadEva.

21.167. sahadEva offers the chariot.

21.168. sahadEvA’s sister as sahadEvA’s wife.

21.172. Return to iMdraprashta. 

21.174. Arrival of shrI vyAsa, permission to rAjasUya 

21.175. Bhimas part in rAjasUya yAga. 

21.179. Role of arjuna and others. 

21.180. Arjuna’s eagerness to go on invasion. 

21.181. shrI vyAsa’s kind advice - Only bhIma can conquer

21.192. bhIma’s extra-ordinary conquest of east. 

21.193. shishupAlA surrenders. 

21.196. Defeat of pauMDraka, kaRNa and others, defeat of garuDa and shEsha in Himalayan peaks. 

21.198. Defeat of bANAsura.

21.201. Return to iMdraprastha

21.206. Preparation for yagna by bhImasEna 

21.209. sahadEvA’s conquest of south 

21.213. Tribute from vibheeshaNa through ghaTotkacha 

21.216. nakula’s conquest of west.

21.217. arjunA’s conquest of North.

21.219. Defeat of bhagadatta.

21.223. arjuna’s conquest the entire remaining regions. 

21.227. Amount of wealth got by bhIma and others 

21.228. Speciality of vishwkarma’s conference hall 

21.229. rAjasUya yAga’s commencement.

21.230. yagnadeeksha of yudhishTira. 

21.231. Draupadi as yagnyapatni. 

21.232. Splendor of yagna.

21.233. participants of the yagna.

21.236. Special gnAnayagna that took place in rAjasUyayagna.

21.238. Inquiry for agrapooje 

21.244. shrI kRushNa gets the honor of the best man in the assembly(agrapUje) 

21.251. shishupAlA’s objection

21.252. bhIma’s devotion towards Supreme Lord

21.257. War between kRushNa and shishupAla – Slaying of shishupAla

21.258. Salvation to jaya.

21.260. glory of rAjasUya yAga.

21.263. avabhRuthasnAna

21.277. bhIma and draupadi’s ridicule. 

21.278. duryOdhana’s foolishness 

21.279. duryOdhana’s grief 

21.282. duryOdhana’s jealousy

21.285. increased hostility of duryOdhana 

21.290. duryOdhana and shakuni come to dhRutarAShTra 

21.292. dhRutarAShTra’s words of wisdom

21.294. duryOdhana’s obstinacy

21.298. dhRutarAShTra’s affection towards his son.

21.301. vidurA’s kind advice. 

21.303. Invitation to gambling through vidura. 

21.304. sAlwA’s ignorant penance.

21.309. pradyumnA set out to face sAlwa.

21.310. Personification of dharma sets out for gambling

21.314. dharmarAja’s oath which does not conform to dharma.

21.316. pAMDavAs arrive to the assembly set up for gambling. 

21.319. Peculiar defeat of dharmarAja in gambling

21.321. pratikAmi goes to draupadi 

21.322. draupadi comes to the assembly hall of dice.

21.323. draupadi’s question bhIShma and others.

21.324. draupadi’s inquiry into dharma 

21.328. Unrighteous acts of bhIShma and others. 

21.329. vidura’s righteous ground 

21.332. vikaRNa’s hypocrisy. 

21.333. BImasEna commands yudhiSHThira 

21.337. duryOdhana’s divide and rule policy.

21.338. bhImAs brave fervor.

21.340. The assembly trembles on hearing bhIma’s words

21.341. bhIShma and others surrender 

21.342. Mystery of bhIma’s patience.

21.344. BhIma’s oath of UrubhaMga 

21.346. bhIma’s appalling oath. 

21.348. kaRNa’s act of crime again.

21.351. duryOdhana orders to disrobe pAMDavAs. 

21.352. pAMDavAs extra-ordinary tolerance 

21.354. bhIma’s appalling oath of slaying dushyAsana. 

21.355. shrI kRushNa grants akShayavastra. 

21.356. Distressed dushyAsana. 

21.357. Major offence of duryOdhana. 

21.359. draupadi’s bhImapratigna. 

21.361. bhIma’s dhramasamdEsha. 

21.364. bhIma’s fierce form. 

21.366. Series of bad omens. 

21.368. vidurA’s good advice 

21.372. dhRutarAShTra’a bestowal of boon. 

21.382. pAMDavAs start towards iMdraprastha.

21.383. dushyAsana suggests repeat gambling.

21.385. Game of dice again. 

21.390. duryOdhana’s satanical contentment 

21.392. laughter which took lives

21.394. kauravAs sought protection of drONa 

21.395. Security offered by drONa 

21.397. One more foolishness of duryOdhana.

21.398. One more oath of bhIma to break duryOdhana’s thighs. 

21.399. kuMtI’s grief. 

21.400. pAMDavAs extraordinary retreat to forest. 

21.401. Strength of arms is sufficient to slay enemies.

21.402. Secret behind draupadi leaving her hair untied

21.403. Unusual message of arjuna 

21.404. nakula and sahadEva who kept their heads bent due to shame 

21.405. daumyaru chants the suktas for prEtasaMskara 

21.406. Citizens of hastinApura behind pAMDavAs. 

21.407. pAMDavAs remember father of gaMgA on the banks of river gaMga