rAmacarite hanumatpratiyAnam

Introduction by K.T.Pandurangi

Chapter VII

saubhrAtrameva yadi vAJNchati vAlinaiva | 

nAhaM nirAgasamathAgrajaniM hanishhye || 

dIrdhaH sahodaragato na bhaveddhi kopo | 

dIrdho.api kAraNamR^ite vinivartate cha || 

When Sugreeva again appealed to Sri Rama to kill Vali, Sri Rama threw a strong arrow at Vali and killed him. It is well-known that Sri Rama killed Vali from behind a tree. The reason for this was neither fear nor treachery. Vali was also a great devotee and would have prostrated at the feet of Sri Rama if he had seen him. Then, it would have been a dilemma whether to stand by His promise to Sugreeva or to stand by Vali, who had prostrated at His feet. Therefore, Sri Rama preferred to be invisible. 

Hanuman offers salutations to Sri Rama in his mind before he takes a big jump over the sea. The sea became turbulent, and the living beings within the sea came out. The trees on the Mahendra mountain were uprooted and the Mainaka mountain came out of the sea to offer him a resting place. As he moved on, the mother of the serpents, viz. Surasa, confronts him. He enters her belly and comes out. Then, Simhika, a demoness who used to drag persons by attacking their shadows, drags him. He destroyed her also. Finally, he lands on the Trikuta hill that surrounded the city of Lanka. Throughout the process of crossing the sea, he had considerably expanded his body. Now, he contracts it to as small as a cat. He finds Sita in Ashokavana under a Simshupa tree. He hands the ring given by Sri Rama to Sita. In return, Sita gives her Chudamani to Hanuman to give to Sri Rama. 

In order to make Ravana aware of his strength and mission, Hanuman starts destroying Ravana's gardens. On hearing this, Ravana asks his army to punish him. Finding that they were not able to do the task, he deputes his son, Aksha. Hanuman kills Aksha. Then Indrajit is deputed. Indrajit employs the Brahmastra against him. Out of respect for Brahma, he pretends to have been caught. The demons tie him with Nagapasha. Finding that they have used an inferior weapon, the Brahmastra returns. Then Hanuman is taken into Ravana's presence. Ravana orders his tail to be burned. With the fire applied to his tail, Hanuman burns Lanka and returns to Sri Rama. He offers the Chudamani to Him and embraces Him with great affection, as it were, offering himself as a present to Him. 

svAtmapradAnamadhikaM pachanAtmajasya | 

kurvan.h samashlishhadamalaM paramAbhitushhTaH || (VI-50)