Desiraju Hanumantha Rao


mahaabhaarata taatparya nirNaya of madhvaachaarya – is a useless book, if and if only, we see the characters, or incidents mahaabhaarata, or, raamaayaNa in human perspective. As to how good and bad come forth from time immemorial, so these personalities and incidents in itihaasa-s have ben emerging from time to time in a continuous form, in their good and bad atmosphere. This book records those legends of protagonists and antagonists, including the personality traits of characters owint to their good and bad.

mahaabhaarata taatparya nirNaya is not just concerned with mahaabhaarata alone. It starts from vaalmiiki raamaayaNa in its opening chapters, because the very same characters of raamaayaNa have transfigured, transmuted, metamorphosed, transmogrified as characters of mahaabhaarata. As such, exposition of mahaabhaarata starts from chapter 10 onwards in mahaabhaarata taatparya nirNaya.


naahaM karta hariH karta