- Introduction by Prof.K.T.Pandurangi 

Chapter XIV 

Krishna deals with Jarasandha 

Krishna released His parents from the prison, placed Ugrasena on the throne,and asked Nanda to return to Vrindavana. He went to Sandipani with Balarama and studied the entire Vedic literature and 64 arts. There, He revived His teacher's son, who had died. He returned to Mathura and killed the demon Panchajanya, who was hiding in the sea at Prabhasa. He obtained the conch Panchajanya. Kamsa's two wives, Asti and Prasti, the daughters of Jarasandha, went to Krishna and cried before Him because of the death of their husband. Jarasandha was the demon Viprachitti reborn. He was invincible as a result of the boons given to him by Brahma, Rudra, and Durvasa. He was a devotee of Bhairava and had collected 86,000 kshatriya boys to offer as human sacrifice to Bhairava. He attacked Mathura 18 times with his 23 akshauhini army. To avoid his harassment of the citizens of Mathura, Sri Krishna built the city of Dvaraka in the sea. The distance between Jarasandha's capital and Mathura was 101 yojanas, but Narada told Jarasandha that it was 100 yojanas. Consequently, the mace Jarasandha threw dropped one yojana before Mathura, and the city was saved. This mace hit Jara, who had joined the two portions of Jarasandha's body and enabled him to survive, and Jara was killed. Jarasandha attacked Mathura again and sent Vinda and Anuvinda as messengers to Krishna. His message had a double meaning; it praised Krishna and ridiculed Him as well. Krishna came out from Mathura city with Balarama. He placed his army at the three gates of Mathura, putting Satyaki in charge of it, and He came out by the north gate. All the weapons came down to Him and Balarama at His will. Taking these, He proceeded with Daruka, His charioteer. Krishna attacked Jarasandha,and Balarama his armies. The supporters of Jarasandha (Hamsa, Dibhika, Rukmi, Bahlika, etc.) ran away. Jarasandha attacked Balarama, and the two fought bitterly. Jarasandha was hit by Balarama's plough and fainted, and Balarama arrested him. Ekalavya then shot arrows at Balarama, but Balarama was not affected by them. Krishna did not want to fight with Ekalavya Himself. He made His son Manmatha (Pradyumna) fight with him. Manmatha destroyed Ekalavya's weapons. Ekalavya was Manimanta, the leader of the Krodhavasa group of demons. He was not really a hunter. He was the son of Devashrava, the brother of Vasudeva and was sent out of his home. The hunter Hiranyadhanu brought him up, so he became known as a hunter. 

Death of Pandu 

At the other end, Pandu sported with his wife Madri and died. At this time, Kunti was engaged in serving the guests on Arjuna's 14th birthday. Pandu was Pravaha Marut. He had gone to Indra when Indra was sporting with Sachi. This obstruction was the real reason for Pandu's death, and the curse of the ascetic Kindara was only an excuse. Both Kunti and Madri wanted to burn themselves on Pandu's funeral pyre. Madri did so, but the sages advised Kunti not to die and to look after the children. Madri was permitted to die with her husband because she had invited Ashvini deities, who were inferior to Pandu, to beget children, and this was an offense. Kunti returned to Hastinapura with the Pandavas. Dhrtarashtra and Bhishma were silent. Vidura was happy.He was happy for two reasons 1)He could meet Pandavas.2) Dhrtarashtra and Bhishma accepted by their silence the fact that panadavas were the bonafide children of Pandu. However Duryodhana disputed it. Even though the sages of Badarikashrama said that Pandu died just seventeen days before, Duryodhana argued that Pandu had died much earlier. Vayu announced by the ethereal voice that the Pandavas were born when Pandu was alive by niyoga with the deities with Pandu's permission. 

Plans to Kill Bhimasena 

Both the Kauravas and the Pandavas received instructions on how to wield weapons from Kripacharya. While they were students, the Kauravas and Pandavas used to play. Bhimasena used to display his strength in many ways. Those who did not like him planned to kill him. Shakuni obtained from Shukracharya the poison that had come out during samudramathana and mixed it with the food given to Bhima. However, it did not affect him at all, and he easily digested it. The Kauravas constructed a building under the waters of Ganga and made Bhima sleep in it. They tied him with iron chains and threw him in the water. He went in 10,000,000 yojanas deep, cut the chains, and came up. Further , the Kauravas invited eight great snakes (Ananta, Vasuki, Takshaka, Karkotaka, Padma, Sankha, and Gulika) by reciting the hymn given by Shukracharya and set them on Bhima's chest when he was sleeping. Bhima threw them away. The snakes lost their teeth when they tried to bite him. Bhimasena undertook a digvijaya and defeated Shishupala, Dantavaktra, PaundrakaVasudeva, Rukmi, Ekalavya, Hansa, and Dimbhika. He then returned to Hastinapur. Sri Krishna sent Akrura to Dhrtarashtra to advise him to restrain his sons from harassing Pandavas. Accordingly Akrura went to Hastinapur and advised Dhrtarashtra .However, it did not leas to any result . Therefore, Akrura took Bhima, Arjuna, and Sahadeva to Mathura. Bhima learned gadayuddha from Balarama.He did not learn from Sri Krishna since it involved raising his gada against Krishna, which was not proper.Balarama himself instructed certains special skills learnt from Sri Krishna 

Sri Krishna sent Uddhava to Gokula to console Nanda because of their separation. He gave a few hints that He was the Supreme God and that He was omniprescent.