- Introduction by Prof.K.T.Pandurangi 

Chapter XVIII 

Bhagavata dharma of Bhimsena  

Bhimasena strictly followed Bhagavata dharma in all his activities, This is illustrated by a few instances in this chapter. He learnt all astras bettter than all others.However, he never used them. To use the astras one has to appeal to respective dieties. The use is also for achieving certain results. Both these are against Bhagavatha dharma. He never worshipped any other deity than the Supreme God Hari.HE never opposed Hari. He never opposed the devotees of Hari and was never friendly for those who were not devotees of Hari. He never doubted Hari-Sarvotamma or Bhagavata dharma.He did not listen to the censure of Hari. He prevented such a talk. He never used his knowledge and learning for his livelihood or survival. That is why he did not reply to Yama who had appeared in the form of Yaksha in yakshaprashna context and also when he was caught by Nahusha in the form of snake. He pacified the astra of Ashvatathama and Alambusa as per God’s instructions only. Draupadi also strictly followed Bhima in respect of Bhagavata dharma.She nevere opposed Krishna. Both Bhima and Draupadi put up with the insult og stripping her garments by Dusshasana as they realised the intention of krishna to provide the garments enflessly. Draupadi accepting the offer of Dhritarastra to release the Pandavas was not against Bhagavata dharma since the whole act of dice-play was adharma. 

Violation of Bhagavata dharma by others It is also noted in this context as to how others violated Bhagavatha dharma in some way or the other, Balarama was displeased with krishna in connection with syamantakamani. Arjuna also boasted that he is not as weak as Balarama or Krishna and he could rescue the children of a Brahmin. Pradyumna,Sambha,Aniruddha etc opposed the marriage of Subhadra with Arjuna against the wishes of Krishna. Nakula asked for contribution from Krishna for the Rajasuya sacrifice of Yudhistira. Bhishma rejected the suggestion of Parashurama to marry Amba. Devaki and Vasudeva considered Krishna as ordinary human being. Drona,Karna,Ashvatthama,Kripa also desired to eliminate Krishna, From this it is clear that excepting Lakshmi,Vayu and Sarasvati all others have entertained doubts about the Sarvottamatva of Ahri. Here Vayu stands for all Riju yogins and Sarasvati stands for their wives.Lakshmi,Vayu and Bharathi are known as Parashuklatraya. 

Presentation of the skill in Astravidya 

Dronacharya arranged a contest for presentation og the skill of weilding weapons by his disciples,Ashvatthama and arjuna exelled all others. Karna also arrived at the place and showed his skill. Kunti did not reveal the fact that he was her son. Arjuna invited Karna for a contest. However Bhima prevented him by indicating that Karna was not a Kshatriya. To indicate this he gave a rein to Karna to suggest that he was Suta. At this Duryodhana coronated him to give the status of king. Karna’s father Adhiratha arrived. Karna prostrated at his feet. 

The fight between Bhima and Duryodhana 

Then ,Bhima and Duryodhana started wielding the mace. The deities ,men and demons were divided in two groups supporting Bhima and Duryodhana respectively. Drona intervened through Ashvatthama and asked them to withdraw. 

Drupada offers half of Kingdom to Drona 

Drona asked the Kauravas and Pandavas to arrest Drupada and bring him as Gurudakshina to him. Both of them went to the city of Panchala. Kauravas rushed into the city with Karna.The Pandavas remained outside. Drupada pounced on Kauravas with his army. The citizens also threw stones and sticks at them. Drupada had a boon that within one yojana around his city he would be invincible. The Kauravas ran out. Bhima and Arjuna attacked Drupada’s army. Drupada with his two sons Yudhamanyu and Uttarnauja fought the battle. Satyajut, Shikandi, Janamejaya also joined the battle, Ultimately, Arjuna arrested Drupada. Drupada offered half of his kingdom to Drona. However, Drona did not actually take it. 

Birth of Draupadi 

Drupada undertook a sacrifice to get a son who could kill Drona and a daughter to be given to Arjuna. He invited two learned Brahmanas, gave them ten crores of cows and arranged the sacrifice, at the close of the sacrifice his queen did not come to receive the Havis Shesha, The proests became angry and pored it into the sacrificial fire,Immediately Agni came out as Drupada’s son. He was named as Dhristadhyumna as he was bold and brilliant. From the sacrifical alter Bharati came as Draupadi. Sachi, Shyamala, and Usa also were present with her, Parvati was also present. 

The presence of five women in one body 

The presence of Parvati,Shyamala and Usha with Bharathi in the same body has a background. These four got into one body and moved before Brahma as a matter of fun. Brahma became angry and cursed them to be born as human beings thrice as they cheated him thrice being in one body. To overcome the hardship of contact with some man other than their husbands during these births, Parvathi ,Shachi etc approached Bharatidevi also to be born with them so that nobody would dare to touch them, accordingly these were born. In the first birth these were born as daughter of Brahmana. During this birth these performed penance to Shiva. Bharathi performed the same to Vishnu present in Shiva. They were told by Shiva and Vishnu respectively in one of their human births they will live with their husbands. Later they were born as Nalanandini and Indrasena. Nalanandini was the wife of Mudgala while Indrasena was the wife of his son Maudgalya. In these two births also they were in one body, Finally , these were born as Draupadi, It is only in this birth that they met their husbands. When Sri Krishna learnt that Drupada was arrested he sent Kratavarma to congratulate Pandavas. Finding that Krishna had great affection for pandavas, the deities born as Kings and kshatriyas became the allies of Pandavas. Dhritarashtra, with great affection crowned Yudhishtira as the prince, The Bhima and arjuna conquered the kings in all directions and made them to surrender.Dhritarashtra, Bhishma Drona and all others were surprised at the extraordinary feats performed by Bhima and Ajuna. With this happy note this chapter closes. It is hoped that the brief summary of the contents of these nine chapters of Mahabharatha Tatparyanirnaya will enable the readers to understand the text and its indepth meaning. 



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