Alur Venkat Rao

"Madhwa is the pioneer of research - he is the first and foremost of Research Scholars of India. THis is evident from MBTN (5160 verses).In the composition of this work he has shown his great research Scholarship. (As mentioned earlier) he was the first to collect all possible palm leaf and other manuscripts,travelling through-out India,in search of them (800 years ago).He found that there were many intepolations,many omissions ,alterations through error or purposely made and in this way, the whole work was in mutilated Condition (as opposed to Bhagavata). He collected and compared them,fixed their meanings in accordance with other works of Veda-Vyasa and wrote this huge work. All is stated in the book itself. Really Madhwa is the true founder of Research society in India." - Alur venkat Rao

nAham karta hariH karta