Chapter Wise Translation of MBTN

2. vAkyOddhAraH             Chapter-2-Table-Of-Contents 

3. SargAnusarga-laya-prAdurbhAvanirNayaH                                       Chapter-3-Table-Of-Contents 

4. RAmAvatAre AyodhyApravesaH                                                   Chapter-4-Table-Of-Contents 

5. RAmAcarite Hanumaddarsanam                                                   

6. RAmacarite samudratarananiscayam                                            

7. RAmacarite hanumatpratiyAnam                                                        Chapter-7-Table-Of-Contents 

8. RAmacarite hanUmati srIrAmadayAdAnam                                        

9.RAmasvadhAma pravEsaH                                                            

Chapter 10 to Chapter 16 was Translated by Sri Desiraju Hanumanta Rao. With very heavy heart and deepest sorrow I am informing that he passed away on Oct 29 2010. He is one of the people who initiated me to have this website and encouraged me by proof reading all the chapters, suggested changes for layout of  webpages, gave tips on how I could speed up my sanskrit to English transliteration and much much more although I never got a chance to meet him in Person.  

10. VyAsAvatArAnuvarNanam

11. BhagavatavatArapratijna

12. PandavOtpattiH

13. KamsavadhaH

14. UddhavapratiyAnam

15. PAndavasAstrAbhyAsaH

16. S.rgAlavadhaH

17. HamsaDibhakavadhaH 

18. BimArjunadigvijayaH                                                                         Chapter-18-Table-Of-Contents 

19. PandavarAjyalAbhaH                                                                  Chapter-19-Table-Of-Contents 

20. KhAndavadAhaH                                                                               Chapter-20-Table-Of-Contents 

21. PAndavavanapravEsaH                                                                      Chapter-21-Table-Of-Contents 

Chapter 22 Onwards NOT yet Translated

22. AraniprAptiH
23. AjnAtavAsasamAptiH                                                                        Chapter-23-Table-Of-Contents
24. YudhhOdyOgaH
25. BhIsmapAtaH
26. NarayaNAstrOpasamanam
27. KarNavadhaH
28. PAndavarRjyalAbhaH
29. SamstadharmasamgrahaH
30. YAgasAmAptiH
31. DhritarAStrAdisvargaprAptiH
32. PAndavasvargArOhanam                                                                Chapter-32-Table-Of-Contents