Commencement of creation, Extra-ordinary greatness of Srihari, genuine doctrines(saccAstra), truth about GOD(bhagavatatwa), five fold differences(paMchabheda), means for salvation(mOksha), gradation(tAratanya)

1.1.    maMgalAcaraNa

1.2.    Supreme Lord’s state at the start of Creation

1.3.    The mode in which the three types of jiva exist in the belly of Supreme Lord

1.5.    purpose of creation

1.6.    vAsudEva-jayA forms

1.7.    saMkarShaNa pradyumna forms

1.8.    aniruddha form

1.9.    approach of aniruddha creation

1.10.  different forms of Supreme Lord

1.11.  Extra-ordinary greatness of SriHari

1.12.  SriHari is infinite in time, space and attributes

1.13.  Srihari is non-dependent - everybody else is dependent

1.14.  Bimba-Pratibimba nature of Shri Hari and Souls

1.15.  pratibimba nature of lakShmi and others

1.17. gradation in mukti

1.18. jIva traividya

1.19. souls are infinite

1.20. SriHari’s attributes are infinite

1.21. It is impossible for others to be either equal or identical to SriHari

1.22. Supremacy of SriHari is the gist of all Shastras

1.23. All the pramaNas are in collective agreement about Supremacy of SriHari

1.28. Difference among soul and Ishwara(jEveshwara bheda) is due to five reasons

1.29. Summary of Supremacy of Hari and other pramaNas(authorities)

1.30. genuine doctrines -  brahmasUtra

1.32. vaiShNava purANAs, manu and other smritis are all pramANAs

1.34. Other doctrines(shAstras) are bewitching

1.36. purport of words of vEdas is to establish Superiority of viShNu

1.37. bewitching actions in incarnations

1.38. varieties of delusional acts in incarnations

1.40. SriHari is devoid of all faults

1.41. Ultimate purport of all Shastras

1.42. brahmasUtras are deciding authorities

1.43. Greatness of brahmasUtras

1.44. Gist of brahmasUtras

1.48. Proofs from varaha and brahmandapurana about delusional doctrines

1.52. Example from skAndapurANa

1.53. delusional topics ?

1.56. Reference from padmapurANa - the secret behind the worship of Shiva by viShNu

1.57. Boon granted by viShNu to Shiva

1.59. vaiShNava doctrines do not propagate Supremacy of others

1.60. vEdAs are flawless

1.61. vEdavAkyas that proclaim the Supremacy of ShrI Hari

1.68. Definition of five fold differences

1.69. VishNu’s swagatabhEdavivarjitatwa(There is no difference in the 'kshamata' or capability of any of His body  parts.)

1.70.   Five-fold differences(paMchabhEdagalu)

1.72.   Gradation among the deities (dEvata tAratamya)

1.73.   brahma and vayu are equal similarly garuDa,shESha and rudra are equal

1.74.   Greatness of lakShmi and nArAyaNa

1.77.   Grace of Shri Hari is the liberator

1.78.   Shri Hari is the Only One who can liberate a soul from bondage of life

1.79.   Means to attain moksha

1.81.   necessity of knowledge of five-fold differences

1.82.   necessity of thorough knowledge of Shri Hari’s incarnations

1.83.   Everything is due to SriHari starting from creation.

1.84.   It is very important to have Correct perception and thorough knowledge of vEdas and all other doctrines

1.85.   Characteristic of Bhakti(Devotion)

1.86.   Details of jIva traividya (three types of souls)

1.88.   Prime sadhana of mukti and tamassu

1.90.   Definitive qualities of asuras that indicate that they will attain tamas

1.91.   Worship of bhiMbarUpa is the only means to aparOkShajnAna

1.92.   varieties in worshipping the qualities (guNOpAsana vaividya)

1.93.   Characteristics of Rujus

1.94.   Each positions has unique groups - ineligible wishes (ayOgya kAmane) are prohibited

1.96.   types of worship

1.97.   ShriHari is sathyasankalpa (True in resolve)

1.98.   dAna(charity) and others are the means to bhakti(devotion) - Bhakti is the means to mukti

1.99.   Reference to shRutis

1.101. knowledge is the only way to mOksha

1.102. Just as devotion to Hari, devotion to deities and Guru are saviors

1.103. bhakati leads to mOksha - bhakti in mOkSha too.

1.104. Characteristics of Bhakti as stated by vEdas

1.105. Greatness of Devotees(bhakta).

1.107. greatness of bhakti as stated in gItA.  

1.109. demons are eternal haters.

1.110. 9 types of hatredness.

1.112.greatness of pure devotion

1.114. Bhakti is the characteristic of true-nature(swabhAva)

1.115. Hari is pleased only by bhakti - gradation in bhakti

1.117. There are varieties in hatredness too.

1.118. Divisions in bhakti


1.121. Characteristics of Guru - Brahmadevaru is the Prime Guru


1.123. Characteristics of Guru - Greatness of grace of Guru

1.125.Without the grace of Guru the knowledge acquired by study cannot be grasped.

1.126.Gurutwa in inanimates too.

1.127. vision of bhimbaroopa leads to mukti - annihilation of karmas

1.128. mOksha is guaranteed for a jnAni

1.129. path as stated

1.130.subordination in mOkSha as well


1.132. Brahmadevaru’s jIvOttamatva (best among living entities)

1.133. Epilogue of the chapter

1.134. Author

1.135.Greatness of the Work