rAmacarite hanUmati srIrAmadayAdAnam

Introduction by K.T.Pandurangi

Chapter VIII

The eighth chapter begins with Sri Rama lying on a grass mat in order to persuade the sea to make the way for Him to go to Lanka. This was the mild way of persuading the sea before any harsh step was taken. At that time, Vibhishana came to join Sri Rama and fight against his own brother Ravana since his conduct was adharma. Sugreeva and all the others opposed accepting him as he belonged to the enemy's group. However, Hanuman stated that Vibhishana is genuinely supporting Sri Rama and that he be accepted. Sri Rama accepted him and coronated him on the kingdom of Lanka as he was sure of the defeat of Ravana. 

Since the sea did not make way easily, Sri Rama took His arrow to aim at him. The samudraraja came out and suggested that a bridge be built over the sea. Sri Rama had Nala build the bridge assisted by the vanaras. He crossed the sea and landed on Lanka. Ravana had made elaborate arrangements to protect the four gates of the city of Lanka. Sri Rama also made appropriate distribution of the vanara army. A detailed description of the battle is given in this chapter.