- Introduction by Prof.K.T.Pandurangi 

Chapter XIII 

Sri Krishna as a boy 

In this chapter, the great and well-known deeds of Sri Krishna when he was still a boy are described.These are well-known.Therefore,these will be just stated in the order in which these are mentioned in the chapter to enable readers to recollect these events and realize the glory of Sri Krishna Garga, the family priest of the Yadavas, performed the samskaras appropriate to kshatriyas for Krishna and Balarama. Sri Krishna revealed his Vishvarupa to Yashoda for the second time. He went on breaking the curd pots and stealing the butter to enrage his mother. She tied him to a mortar to prevent him from this mischief. Because of this, He became Damodara. He dragged the mortar between two trees and uprooted them. Two demons who were hiding in the trees, Dhuni and Chamu, were killed. Nalakubara and Manigriva, two sons of Kubera, were born as these two trees and were released by Sri Krishna. 

In order to motivate the Gopas to move from Gokula to Vrindavana, Krishna assumed the form of crores of wolves. The Gopas became panicky at this and left for Vrindavana. At Vrindavana, Krishna killed Vatsasur, a servant of Kamsa who had come in the form of a calf. He also killed Bakasura. (A different Bakasura was later killed by Bhimasena.) Krishna wandered on the bank of Yamuna with Gopas. He noticed the snake Kaliya in the middle of the Yamuna. He danced on the head of Kaliya. Kaliya was hiding in the Yamuna out of fear from Garuda. He and his wife appealed to Krishna to save them from Garuda. Krishna assured Kaliya that Garuda would not kill him upon seeing His footprints on his hood. He sent Kaliya to Ramana dvipa 

When the Gopas were on the bank of the Yamuna, a wild fire broke out in the forest. Krishna extinguished it. The demon Ugra, who had assumed the form of a poisonous tree and was spreading a foul smell all over and causing diseases to people was killed. Krishna killed seven bulls who were sons of Kalanemi born in the form of seven bulls. He married Nila.This Nila and the Nila who is one of eight queens of Krishan are one and the same.This first Nila was married by him before his Upanayana Then Dhenukasura and Pralambasura were killed. Later, Gopas moved far away from Gokula. They became hungry, so Krishna asked them to go to a nearby place where some Brahmanas were engaged in a sacrifice and ask for some food. The Gopas went there, but the Brahmanas refused to give them any food. However, the wives of the Brahmanas brought the food to them. 

The Gopas wanted to worship Indra, but Krishna prevented them from doing so. As a result, Indra started pouring heavy rains. Krishna lifted the Govardhana hill and protected the Gopas. Indra realized his mistake and praised Sri Krishna. He coronated Him as the king of cows. Krishna became Govinda. Krishna sported with the Gopis who had performed the Katyayani ritual to obtain Sri Krishna. He begot ten lakh male children through them. They were all known as Narayana. Krishna killed Shankhachuda, who was harassing the Gopis, and Aristasura, who was harassing the cows. Keshi and Vyomasura were also killed. 

Sri Krishna Kills Kamsa 

Kamsa again imprisoned Vasudeva and Devaki. He sent Akrura to bring Krishna and Balarama to participate in the worship of Shiva's bow. Akrura was a gandharva by the name Kishora. Svayambhuva manu as well as Brahma were partially present in him. While Akrura was taking Krishna and balarama he saw the divine form of Krishna and Shesha form of Balarama. Upon entering Mathura, Krishna killed an arrogant washerman and snatched the garments for Himself and for Balarama. He received the services of a barber and a flower vendor. He received sandalwood paste from Trivakra. Then he went to the armory, took Shiva's bow, and broke it. Kamsa was frightened by the deeds of Krishna. He placed the huge elephant Kuvalayapeeda at the entrance and asked Chanura and Mustika to also guard the entrance. Kamsa's large army was ready as well. Krishna killed Kuvalayapida, Chanura, Mustika, and the army. Finally, he killed Kamsa. Vayu, who was present in Kamsa, entered Krishna, while the demon in him went to tamas.