rAmacarite samudrataraNaniscayam

Introduction by K.T.Pandurangi

Chapter VI

The events of Kishkindha Kanda are described in the sixth chapter. Hanuman, who prostrated at the feet of Sri Rama, was taken up by Sri Rama's arms with great affection. He took Sri Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders and brought them to Rishyamuka, where Sugreeva stayed. Sugreeva explained his pitiable condition on account of his brother's aggressive posture. Sri Rama promised him that his aggressive brother Vali will be killed, and the kingship will be restored to him. Sugreeva also agreed to help Sri Rama find Sita. However, he wanted to know whether Sri Rama had a sufficient amount of strength to fight Vali. Therefore, he showed Rama the body of Dundubhi, who was killed by Vali. Sri Rama threw that dead body a hundred yojanas away with His toe. The carcass killed a number of demons living on Rasatala. Then, Sugreeva showed Rama seven demons present in the form of seven tala trees and said that if He could destroy these with one arrow, He could kill Vali. Sri Rama destroyed all of them with one arrow, which, after destroying the tala trees, pierced the seven underworlds viz., Atala, Vitala, etc., up to Patala and also destroyed the demons knows as Kumiudi. Then, Sugreeva took Rama to the city of Kishkindha to kill Vali. Vali pounced on Sugreeva, but Sri Rama did not kill him, pretending that he could not distinguish between the two. The real reason was to give an opportunity for the brothers to reconcile and to avoid a confrontation. Even the long enmity between the brothers vanishes when they reach the point of crisis. 

bhakto mamaushha yadi mAmabhipashyatIha | 

pAdau dhruvaM mama sameshhyati nirvichAraH || 

yogyo vadho nahi janasya padAnatasya | 

rAjyArthinA ravisutena vadho.arthitashhcha || 

tasmAdadR^ishyatanureva nihanmi shakraputram.h | 

tvitIha tamadR^ishyatayA jaghAna || 

Then, during the rainy season, there was a halt for four months. Sugreeva had not taken any initiative to find Sita. However, on the strong advice of Hanuman, the vanaras spread over different parts were gathered and started. Sri Rama gave his ring to Hanuman to show it to Sita to identify. After a good deal of wandering, they found that the time limit given by Sugreeva was over. Tara and Angada suggested that the efforts should be abandoned. But Hanuman opposed this. They moved on and ultimately reached the Mahendra Mountain. At this place, they met Sampati, Jatayu's elder brother. He informed them that he had seen Ravana taking Sita away. She is kept in Ashokavana. The distance between Mahendra Mountain and Lanka was a hundred yojanas. Other vanaras were not able to jump this far. They all appealed to Hanuman to cross the sea and trace Sita. With this, the sixth chapter closes.