18.1.   Arjuna’s expertise in science of warfare

18.2.   Bheemasena’s absolute Bhagavatadharma

18.3.   Asking for favors is not Bhagavatadharma

18.6.   Bheema’s observation of Vaishnavadharma

18.18.  other demi-gods did not follow un-curtailed Dharma

18.19.  Incidents where Balarama and Arjuna breached Dharma

18.20.  Pradyumna’s flawed Dharma

18.22.  Vidura flawed Dharma

18.23.  Nakula, Sahadeva’s breach of Dharma

18.24.  Devaki, Vasudeva and Bheeshma’s breach of Dharma

18.25.  Drona and others, Shiva and other demi-gods breach of Dharma

18.27.  Parashuklatraya

18.30.  Display of Kuru Pandavas expertise in knowledge of missile warfare.

18.32.  Ashwattama’s expertise in Missiles

18.33.  Arjuna’s unequalled Skill

18.34.  Karna’s enters the stage. Displays skills of archery

18.36.  Sutaputra (Son of Charioteer) Karna

18.39.  Karna’s Devotion towards his father

18.41.  Devathas’s and Asura’s excitement

18.44.  Ashwattama’s Interference

18.48.  Bhima and Duryodhana’s firm resolve

18.54.  Incident of Guru Dakshina (paying fees to Guru)

18.58.  Kaurava’s Defeat

18.90.  Religious Sacrifice performed by Drupada

18.103. Draupadi’s Backfound – Uma and others cursed by Brahma

18.107. Different births of Draupadi

18.111. Birth as Bramin maiden 

18.116. Daughter of Nala –Indrasena

18.117. Brahma’s curse to Madgala

18.122. Mudgala - Nalanandini

18.123. Indrasena’s Penanace

18.127. Boon from Shiva to have five husbands 

18.131. Episode of five Indras

18.134. Shiva’s curse to Indra

18.138. Brahma’s curse to Shiva

18.147. Greatness of Drishtadyumna and Draupadi

18.150. Drushtadyumna Education(in the field of art of warfare) under the guidance of Drana.

18.151. Krishna congratulates Pandavas.

18.153. Result of Bhima and Arjuna’s Victory

18.159. Dharmarja coronated as Crown-prince

18.160. Bhima and Arjuna’s conquest